Entry #1

Formal Introduction/ Where most of my content is...

2016-12-19 12:50:07 by mamaluigi1128

Hi I'm Tommy Laszlo, I like to torture people by writing music that gets stuck in their head for days on end, along with the occasional cover/parody.

Above all I believe that no humor should be censored, regardless of what kind it is or whether it offends someone or not. As long as I get people to laugh at my stuff or even get 'em to crack a smile, I know damn well I've done my job.

Most of my saterical lyrical content can always be assumed NSFW

Most content I'll be posting on Newgrounds will be video content, along with occasional music content. Most of my music content has already been posted to Soundcloud  & Bandcamp.




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2016-12-19 13:08:54

nice to meet you :D

mamaluigi1128 responds:

Nice to meet you too!